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Eric's Photo

Eric's Photo

Late Night Drugs

Eric's Journal

Eric's Journal

Dan couldn’t wait to get home to do his homework. After that, he would play video games. Dan had a Playstation 3. If he was lucky, his mother would go to bed without telling him to go to bed. Then he would play all night long. However, each morning he felt like going back to sleep.
He was considered a game freak, game geek, game kid or game boy. In first period class, he would fall asleep. He would dream about video game characters like Crash, Sonic and Mario. He would wake as the bell rang. At lunch, he would talk to his friends about the latest games, and of course he would get them.
One day, he acted up in class. No matter how many times the teacher told him to stop, he didn’t. So when the school called his mom, he was ready to get in trouble. He got grounded and couldn’t play video games for a week.
To be continued…

Art Pictures

Enrry's Journal

Enrry's Journal

This art picture is from

William Villalongo. The picture shows two monsters

in a fantasy world that has

a portal to the real world.

Another piece of art is a figure

made by Isaac Julien. This

art shows a real man standing

holding a cigar in his mouth.

The next picture is made by Shinique Smith.

It’s graffiti which has drawings

and pictures of people in real life,

from like back around in the

80s or 90s and from today.


I think this art expresses a lot of feelings

and shows also

a lot of imagination, which

I like.

Eric's Poem

Eric's Poem

Alter Ego:

Edward vs. Me


Edward could be a

nice polite



Me is mean

and a crazy



Who will win?

Can a man fight

his Ego without giving in?

          What do you think?

Black is Beautiful

Eric's Photo

Eric's Photo

125 Street

Enrry's Journal
Enrry’s Journal

When I’m walking on 125 street

I walk by the Apollo Theater and

a whole crowd of people passing

each other. I see a guy with jeans

but no shirt and long hair screaming

out “Buy accessories” and some guy saying

“talk to me ladies.” Then what I

also see: a book store where once

my friend Eric was in an after school program

of English writers on Frederick Douglass close

to the Apollo Theater. All that

stuff really brings back memories of my old

drama teacher, named Ms. J. 125 street

brings back memories of my teachers bringing

me to the Apollo Theater or just walking

on the street.



Me We

Eric's Photo

Eric's Photo